NoDigTech Repair Sleeve

NoDigTech repair sleeve is a no-dig (trenchless) repair system that renovates a local damage of a pipe and reinstates it to its original state.

The system provides an economical benefit since it repairs only the damaged area while the sewer pipe is still in service and eliminate all costs associated with full relining or replacement.

The system consists of corrosion resistant, tubular, self locking metal core, supporting a sealing rubber core, or expanded sealant grout. Its unique design guarantees leak proof seal and structural repair for the damaged location of a pipe.  

Key Benefits

  • Application in sewer pipe under live conditions
  • Can be used with all common sewer pipe material
  • High chemical resistance with high longevity
  • Seals joints, cracks and fractures against infiltration or ex-filtration
  • Ensures a completely watertight repair
  • Seals abandoned connections to prevent bad odors, silt ingress, and access to vermin
  • Simple and fast installation


Host pipe before NoDigTech sleeve repair Section view in host pipe joint before NoDigTech repair
Host pipe after repaired with NoDigTech sleeve Section view in host pipe joint after NoDigTech sleeve installation