NoDigTech Culvert Repair

Culverts as other highway infrastructure are prone to damages and decaying. The cost of culvert replacement is high, and disruption to highway traffic makes conventional trench excavation undesirable. Culvert repair without trench excavation (No-Dig) avoids problems experienced by pavements reconstructed over consolidating trench backfill.

NoDigTech offers methods for culvert repair:

Point (localized) repair using PVC sections:

  • This method consists of assembling collapsed segments which can be mounted in place (inside the culvert).
  • The repair forms PVC short pipe. This short pipe is secured tightly to the culvert, and the annular space is filled with chemical or cementitious grout.
  • The repair can seal leaking joints or restore locally a damaged culvert.
NoDigTech Culvert Repair  
NoDigTech Culvert Repair   

NoDigTech Liner

  • The liner can be assembled and pulled into the damaged pipe.
  • The composite element consists of the liner, the grout and the old host pipe, provides a better structure to withstand working loads, and a better seal to the culvert.
NoDigTech Culvert Repair The culvert before NoDigTech Liner 
NoDigTech Culvert Repair NoDigTech Liner insertion
NoDigTech Culvert Repair NoDigTech Liner in the culvert
NoDigTech Culvert Repair  NoDigTech Liner grouting
NoDigTech Culvert Repair  The culvert after NoDigTech Liner