NoDigTech Pipe Deformation Device - Pipe Electro-Mechanical Profiler

Distortion in traditional CCTV camera images makes it difficult to determine whether or not the pipe being inspected is actually circular. If a video looking down the tube taken with a CCTV camera is examined, it is going to look oval regardless of where it is scanned. The only way to separate that from an actual ovality problem with the pipe is by profiling.

Pipe Profilers are gaining ground around the world as a diagnostic tool to measure the shape and condition of underground pipes. Florida Department of Transportation has specified since 2006 that all pipe projects with diameters from 8 to 48 inches (20 to 120 centimetres) must be verified for ovality by a profiler before the contract can be handed over. Arizona Department of Transportation requires 10 per cent of jobs to be similarly scanned.

The technology is becoming more relevant as more and more flexible pipe is used in infrastructure projects. Polyethylene and PVC pipe can distort after backfill and profiling can go over that pipe before it is put into service.

NoDigTech Pipe Profilers use electro-mechanical sensors around the perimeter of a pipe, and measure deviations from a perfect circle to determine the location of cracks, or pipe deformations. The applied measuring method is based on a robust mechanical sampling process. Software tracks the measurement to determine where deviations occur and marks their position along the pipe. The software can later generate a three-dimensional model of the pipe for further examination.

NoDigTech Pipe Profilers can be used alone or as accessories to closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras. Using NoDigTech Pipe Profiler as deformation and calibre measurement device, the diameter of a pipeline can be determined cost-efficiently after or already during the optical inspection.

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