Measuring Probe DCM150

Deformation and calibre Measuring device

Wireless pipeline measurement with exact measuring results
Up to now pipelines and sewers could have been inspected qualitatively only. Using NoDigTech Deformation and Calibre Measurement Device, the diameter of a pipeline can be determined cost-efficiently after or already during the optical inspection. The applied measuring method is based on a robust mechanical sampling process. NoDigTech DCM150 Pipe Profiler for small Diameter

Applications include:

  • Calibre Measurement before rehabilitation works
  • Quality check after rehabilitation works
  • Deformation measurement for quality check
Operation range: 150 mm to 400 mm
Compatibility: suitable for connection to CCTV Inspection systems of all suppliers
Accuracy: 1 mm, certified by TUEV
Power supply: Li-Ion rechargeable battery in the data logger max. duration of measurement: approx. 12 h, after complete recharging the battery
Continuous measurement: for the complete measuring length
Step size: adjustable ( 2 cm)
Storage of the measuring results: internal
Calibration certificate: certification of the complete operation range 150 - 400mm minimum and maximum values of each measuring range



  • Graphical display of the vertical and horizontal diameter for the complete measuring length
  • Display of upper and lower tolerance limits

Tolerance chart for NoDigTech Pipe Profiler