Welcome to NoDigTech Inc.


NoDigTech Inc. provides products and material for sewer pipe repair, sewer rehabilitation, nodig sewer pipe repair, joint repair, sealing joints for gravity flow pipes, water mains joint sealing, sealing joints under pressure, culvert relining, point repair or spot repair for damaged pipes and water well repair sleeve.
Also NoDig Technologies provides equipment and new technology for pipe deformation measuring, new technology for pipe calibration, pipe profiler, Electro-mechanical pipe profilers, pipe calibration and deformation measurement after pipe rehabilitation, CIPP deformation, cured in place deflection measuring devices, CCTV cameras and pipe inspection system.
As well as chemicals for water and wastewater industry, i.e. oil spot remover, chemical for pipe cleaning, de-scaling, and rust removing (rust remover), Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg smell control) and anaerobic malodor (malodour) control in water and wastewater, etc.